Throwing in the Towel, Covid19 makes me Go Full Non-work and Lockdown Mode.

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

I am not sure how many people actually listen to my podcast. However, I am recording it, among reasons, to keep track of my own thoughts, as the pandemic progressed. Two months, when I began my self-isolation, as per the advice from health experts and scientists, I thought I could continue to be productive.

I kept running at my usual full speed. The obstacles kept coming.

First, my clients stopped giving me work. Or, the volume of work reduced to a point where the cost of doing the work was becoming more than the volume of work. So, I had to stop taking work entirely, just to avoid running the business at loss.

To put this in more relatable terms, imagine you go to a movie theatre, and you are the only person who wants to watch a movie. So, there is a customer, who is ready to pay for a service. However, the movie screen will lose money, if you are the only customer. That became my situation. I had very less work, and like a movie theatre, I told my customers to cancel the work. The show had to stop.

Second, food services and helper services and so many other services simply stopped. Some of these services, I have been dependent on years. They all stopped. No matter, I told myself. I started doing everything on my own. Started cooking again (and now, for more than 60 days, I have been surviving on rice and vegetables, and nothing else), and pushed on.

I kept going. I kept working on my company projects. Finished it, so, thats good. Then, without taking a break, continued working on the marketing aspect of the company. Built a virtual classroom. Then, proceeded to start building the next part of marketing — our self-learning online textbook.

Unfortunately, any sort of work, costs money. Even hobby projects, and company projects (who were already tuned down to run at the lowest possible cloud service), cost some amount of money. Unfortunately, our land owner, so far, has refused to take cognisance of the changes circumstances. He continues to refuse any alteration of rent payments, or revision of rates or extend our stay.

So, while my family was prepared for a recession and downturns, we were not ready for a lockdown where we keep paying a huge chunk of our savings to a house that we no longer want to stay. I want to move out, but we are unable to. Yet, landlords continue to hold their line, threatening evictions and what not.

So, my work projects and hobby projects have stopped. Everything has stopped. What comes next, I dont know. At this point, I dont think, anyone knows.



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